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Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) and BooSt Together for Children

Early Childhood Iowa began in 1998 as a statewide initiative to help communities improve the well-being and quality of life for children from birth through 5 years of age and their families. In Boone and Story Counties ECI funds are administered by BooSt Together for Children, a not-for-profit corporation.

BooSt contracts with community agencies and organizations that work to address the needs of children and families throughout Boone and Story Counties.

Targeted priorities for BooSt Together for Children:

1) Healthy Children,

2) Children Ready to Succeed in School,

3) Safe and Supportive Communities,

4) Secure and Nurturing Families, and

5) Secure and Nurturing Child Care Environments. 


Local ECI areas receive funding from the State of Iowa. 

Funded services include but are not limited to:    Home Visiting, Preschool Scholarships, Crisis Child Care, Child Care Consultation and Training, Child Care Nurse Consultant.

BooSt Together for Children is located in the Story County Human Service Building, 126 Kellogg Ave, Ames, IA.

Carrie Kube, Area Director

Phone: 515-433-4892




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